Thursday, November 4, 2010

Southern Gents

What exactly do I just love about a souther gentleman? Lemme just make a list :)

  • Opens & HOLDS doors for ladies ( emphasis on holds, cuz beau opened the door the other day but forgot to hold on to it, needless to say I had to do some quick dodging, it was a funny moment.
  • Says please and thanks
  • Yes sirs and yes ma'ams are frequently used
  • Dresses properly (ahem no sweatpants)
  • When a lady runs into a gent, even if its her fault, the gentleman always apologizes for him being in the way
  • They call when they say the will
  • Always hold your hand when crossing a street 
  • Orders the perfect meal for you
  • Cooks dinner for you
  • Always tries to impress the parentals
  • Polite and courteous
  • Friendly
  • And I can't forget the accent! - This my favorite. Luckily the beau humors me and when I ask him to repeat words for me he does willingly. Just something about a cute boy with a southern drawl, love it!

Ah, being southern is just so fantastic. Rooms and I had a discussion on this at dinner the other night. And we honestly couldn't understand why anybody wanna be northern. We came to the conclusion the north is for only short weekend getaways for shopping, and that's about it. Well time for Panera club!

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