Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Break Time

So we have finally made it to break yall. I could not be anymore happier. Trying not to think about the upcoming finals, as I did prep before leaving. Lets just say Thanksgiving is becoming more of a favorite holiday because not only is it a break from school, but some time for serious eating. Yay!! 

So far on break I have watched endless hours of tv, I never do this at school, and baking. Today the boy and I went to Kiln' Time to paint our ceramics for Christmas. We choose 8" asian style plates and painted them for each other. I went with a Vineyard Vines whale and some stripes, and he did my monogram. So sweet! And of course he painted in pink and green. :-) Afterwards, we went to Five Guys,yummmy, and then to Starbucks. My boy sure does know how to care for his girl. Tonight we caught up on Glee and made oreo balls. I'll post pictures soon, promise. I know I have been awhol lately. Truth, I'm caught up in school. Ugggh.

Anyways, can't wait for tomorrow. The Macy's day parade is my favorite and I can't wait to watch it. And the food is going to be so good. We always head tot he movies after dinner, and this year the boy is joining in on the festivities. After the movie we plan on joining his family for the evening, and Miracle on 36th Street. Yippee!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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