Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Polish Please

If you know me I have a few pet peeves that generally don't bother me, but when it comes across my path, I have to say something. Well yesterday while cleaning at work I came across several nail clippings,in a restaurant of all places! Seriously people, stop biting your nails. Nobody wants to see bit off pieces of nails around them when they're trying to eat. Gross! Personally, I always keep my nails trimmed and polished. And I never let them chip. I was taught the first thing someone sees when being first introduced are A) your nails and B) your smile. So as to make a good impression with a firm handshake, soft hands and polished non chipped nails are a must. Here is one of the colors I've been wearing lately this fall, and its become a favorite around my circle of friends. Enjoy! 
Angora Cardi

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