Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Football

There is nothing better than a beautiful Saturday with some of your friends watching your team play. I have come to love football over the past couple of years. Today was homecoming, so there was plenty of festivities to attend. First off, tailgating. Since the game was at noon, we had a brunch tailgate. With the works, it was fabulous. It came to a shock to me when I found out the boy hadn't had steak and potatoes for breakfast before. He absolutely loved them though! After tailgating we met up with my best friend, Franny.

Then we made our way towards the stadium. And as it turned out, another one of our close friends was here too. So we finally got another three musketeer picture. Not only was the weather perfect today, but it was hot. And when I say hot, I got November!!! Just a little upsetting to get burned in November, hellooo Thanksgiving is eleven days away! The game was terrific, we had excellent seats. Plus a final score of 54-14 isn't too shabby. This being said after the horrible season we have had thus far. After the game and manueverting through some sticky traffic we headed for dinner. We ate at this place called Puelos. It was so delicious, but I definitely had too much to eat. After dinner the boy headed back home. Sad to see him go, but I'll be home so soon for Thanksgiving break. Yay! I'm so excited about going home for the holiday. Hope everyone had a great Saturday!!

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