Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Brain Dump

Since it's been a while since I've updated this little here blog I figured why not do a little brain dump?

As of lately I've been kinda sorta all over the place. Every time I go to catch up with friends they always ask, "What have you been doing?!"...ah well yeah bout that. So here is what I've been up to since starting back at school.

1. Visited some safari animals.

Since we didn't have school on Martin Luther King day my friends & I decided we just had to get out of Knoxville and do something fun! School hadn't really slammed anyone yet so we had a full free day. We drove up the interstate a bit to visit Circle G Ranch. Upon entering you are literally swamped with wildlife. I'm talking llamas, cows, zebras, goats, bulls, everything! At one point there were animals literally inside the car and it was absolutely hilarious!

2. Bible study.
I've been attending a mass Bible study on Monday nights with other college students and been loving it! We go really deep into the word and maybe only cover a few verses at a time, but its fantastic. I'm actually learning the background story and context of all that we are covering and this makes the verses come so much more alive.

3. Snow day

There was a snow day somewhere in there. We actually had classes cancelled two Fridays in a row, and it was amazing! The first snow was a Thursday afternoon. My work ended up closing early & my boss had to take me home. I met up with some friends and enjoyed the evening watching the snow come down. The next time, well that was pretty much all ice and I stayed warm in my bed. 

4. Ping pong.
Our group of friends has become obsessed with playing ping pong. We play all weekend every weekend. My game is really improving due to this.

watching the superbowl with the Colonel
5. And classes.
Last week I had my first round of exams and boy was it tough! Talk about no time for anyone or anything. I studied till I was blue in the face. But its all worth it because that just means summer is that much closer!! Ah, I'm beyond ready for summer, the lake, and some concerts!!

How is everyone's year going? Promise I'm reading, I just never get around to commenting.

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