Saturday, February 23, 2013

101 in 1001.

After reading Design Darling's list of 101 in 1001, I got inspired.
I got to thinking about things I wanted to see, do, eat, & accomplish by the time I was 25, which is roughly 1001 days away. And let me say, thinking about being 25 was kinda scary. So after much time thinking and seeking what my heart desires I finally accomplished my list. 
I'm posting it here because I loved reading others, and hope this might inspire someone to go after what they really want. Plus it will keep my accountable to actually doing it. 
So off we go!

1.   Create my 101 list 2.22.13
2.   Get a golden retriever puppy or cavapoo
3.   Travel abroad solo
4.   Take a mommy daughter trip
5.   Purchase a brand new vehicle
6.   Go camping in the Smoky Mountains
7.   Midnight drive to the beach to watch the sun rise
8.   Drink recommended amount of water for 7 days straight
9.   Run the Disney princess half marathon
10.        Go to Disney world
11.        Vacation on a white sand beach
12.        Have a Lilly dress for every day of the week
13.        Purchase another pair of Jack Rogers
14.        Do my daily devotional for 30 days straight
15.        Save $250 to have at all times
16.         Visit the MOMA in NYC
17.        Play in Central Park
18.        Sunday brunch
19.        Cheer on the Braves in Atlanta
20.        Go to an away Vols football game
21.        Learn to snow ski
22.        Learn to water ski
23.        Have a spa day
24.        Go salsa dancing
25.        Purchase an adult/nice handbag
26.        Finally get an external hard drive
27.        Read five classic books
28.        Visit two new states.
29.        Attend a pure barre class
30.        Go to a sips n strokes event
31.        Go to a country concert outside
32.        Learn to skeet shoot
33.        Update my computer
34.        Order room service
35.        Visit a winery
36.        Line dance at the Cotton Eyed Joes
37.        Take a cooking class
38.        Go to sundown in the city at least once
39.        Biscuit Festival
40.        Treat my mom to lunch
41.        Have a BBQ
42.        Purchase Christmas presents before December
43.        Pay for someone’s lunch behind me in the drive-thru
44.        Spend a Saturday at a Charity
45.        Go on a road trip
46.        Cook 5 new recipes
47.        Fly a kite
48.        Spend an afternoon in a hammock
49.        Visit an out of town friend
50.        Live in a house with a bunch of girls
51.        Try a new food.
52.        Eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant
53.        Watch a sunset
54.        Write to Uncle Brian once a month for a year
55.        Spend New Years at a beach
56.        Watch fireworks on July 4th
57.        Throw a birthday party for a friend
58.        Send a message in a bottle
59.        Go hiking
60.        Go a week without processed foods
61.        Do a dietetic internship
62.        Visit an apple orchard/pumpkin patch
63.        Take a photo booth photo
64.        Read one news article a day for 30 days
65.        See a movie at the drive-in
66.        Go water tubing
67.        Have a milkshake from Shake Shack
68.        Attend a friends wedding
69.        Help my best friend find the perfect wedding dress
70.        Have fresh flowers for a week
71.        Send my mom flowers just because
72.        Spend an entire day with my dad, without phones
73.        Find the perfect cigarette pants
74.        Find the perfect black flats
75.        Attend a midnight movie premiere
76.        Read a biography
77.        Graduate college
78.        Let myself fall in love again
79.        Find a Bible study group
80.        Learn to drive stick shift
81.        Visit the zoo
82.        Go zip lining
83.        Go star gazing
84.        See a famous landmark
85.        Hot air balloon ride
86.        Find my signature cocktail
87.        Start a retirement/401K plan
88.        Get a credit card
89.        Discover my signature jewelry
90.        Have a bonfire, smore's included
91.        Go fishing
92.        Grow some flowers. (peonies, tulips, hydrangeas)
93.        Buy produce from the farmers market
94.        Swim with dolphins
95.        Buy a pretty cruiser bicycle
96.        Spontaneous trip
97.        Visit the Holocaust Museum in DC
98.        Ride a Vespa/scooter
99.        Purchase new bedding
100.    Go a month without eating out
101.    Take a picture/ document all tasks.

My due date: July 15, 2016

yeah, I'm kinda giving myself some extra time..ssh :)


  1. Sounds like a good solid list.

  2. I just did this myself. I love your list. I can't believe I forgot to add "Go to an away Vols game". Shame on me. =(