Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five Friday

Oh wow, this week was AWESOME!
Literally, such a blessed week.
Lets do a little high-fiving
Monday- Roommate got into Vanderbilt Nursing school.
That makes 2 smarty pants roomies getting into their dream schools.
Also on Monday I got to reconnect with a dear friend & mentor. 

This incredible woman is getting married!! 
The Lord blessed me hugely, and now I get to celebrate with her and some other lovely ladies in Dallas. Eeek! I've never been to Dallas so I'm really excited about going.
Also this week, got two new little kiddos to teach swim lessons. One of which looks just like boo from Monsters Inc., so stinkin cute!
This weekend is our church's women's retreat. I'm really excited as some college girls are joining in and we get to know the ladies that much better. 
Another high five, got an interview monday for my dream summer internship, so prayers/good thoughts pretty please if you will.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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