Sunday, February 5, 2012

Community Group

Last Sunday night we kicked off our new semester of community groups. I lead with a sweet girl Brooke. We have named our community group S.N.F for Sunday Night Fellowship. Unlike most community groups at our church we don't like going by a book. We prefer to dive into the Bible and talk about it, rather than assigning "homework" each week and readings. As a college gal extra readings and work is the last thing I want to do, and I assume the same for most girls. Therefor our group focuses on the fellowship part of our community group. This semester we are diving deep into Esther. With new themese for each week we are going to learn and grow together. This past week we spent time getting to know one another as we have some new members. We eacher shared our testimonies and what our story is. One of the new girl's, who I met back on our Tuscaloosa trip in the fall, testimonies rocked my world. Her story is so brave and courageous and all about faith. From the moment she graduated high school till now she has been out on a limb just having faith. This was so power ful for me, yes I cried. It just really shows that you don't need to be stable and older to have faith or be radical. God calls us NOW, not when were 30 and know what we are doing with our lives. I want to encourage everyone this week to have that faith. I know you can do it! Also, why not ask someone what their story is. Doesn't have to be their "testimony" per say, but everyone has their own unique story on why they are the person they are.

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