Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Finally time to give y'all the update on the #birthdayweekend. If you follow along on twitter you probably have an idea already..

I made a few stops to pick up some extra "goodies" and was on my way by noon! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and warm. We're talking the air conditioning was on, sunglasses, and some rockin tunes! I made it to the Burg around 3, and unloaded the car. The boy and I immediately headed to the J. Crew clearance store. Oh my goodness! If you've never been to a clearnace store let me explain. Its the exact same stuff sold in the stores in the mall (cashmeres, heels, leather bags) but at an extreme discount price! Not the same stuff in the outlets people, its the REAL good stuff. Needless to say I left with a darlking pink pencil skirt, which I wore yesterday to my nursing school interview, a cute little bracelet & we also picked up the birthday boy some early pressies. I love shopping for my man, well I just love shopping actually.

New skirt!

After shopping we headed downtown for some Mexicana! The restaurant was super charming and had cute little lights on the patio. (Note to self, really need a quality camera for this type of stuff)  After dinner I knew it was time to head to the surprise party. After a few mishaps, ahem we don't know how to work a gps, we made it! The boy was so surprised!! He loved it and so did I. We enjoyed cake and ice cream, and some board games with his sweet friends. Whom I adore, and miss them now that I'm back in Tennessee. 

The night was so much fun and couldn't have gone any better. We enjoyed ourselves hanging out with friends, and I liked getting to know his friends.

Saturday- Birthday day!! We got up and headed to Panera for some breakfast. I just love their little souffles, so yummy! After breakfast we went back to a friend's house to hang out and watch a little of Jumper before meeting up with some other friends later.  I have to finish this movie,so good! We met our friends for lunch and its always so good to see this couple. We just love to sit & talk for hours and hours. After lunch it was time for us to  go see The Woman in Black. I previously saw the play in London back in 2006. I enjoyed the play so much I knew the movie had to be a hit. Well I was thoroughly scared and watched the entire movie through my fingers. Good thing I have such a gentleman for a boyfriend who watched the movie and caught me up on the scary parts. Now it was time for us to head to our fancy dinner. After a quick wardrobe change we were headed back downtown. 

We dined at Robin Alexander's and it was deeelicious! I had grilled chicken topped with sun dried tomatoes, cheese, along with all sorts of veggies!

We then explored the neighborhood in search for some cappuccinos. Luckily there was this darling hotel and restaurant right around the corner. We had our desert cappuccinos at The Shoemaker's Grille, which I can not wait to try out the next time I'm in the area. We finished the night with some quality snuggle time together. Nothing like snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie with my man. 

Sunday- We attended church at Thomas Baptist Roads Church. On this particular Sunday the men and women were separated for services. (We didn't know this so imagine our faces when we realized that only women were in the room) The speaker was Angela Thomas, and I loved her! Not only was she super fun, but real. I really took the message to heart and haven been using it every day since. I'm looking forward to searching for more messages by her. Sadly I had to leave Sunday so I could spend the super bowl with my family at home, but I'm so happy that I got to be there for my man's birthday. The weekend overall was simply magical as always. Ok, I'm done now. hehe. Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday, its freezing here. brrrr!

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