Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top 5 Most Worn

Today I'm linking up again with Just Peachy for the top 5 most worn items. I really had to narrow it down to pick out my items but here they are!

1. I love J. Crew matchstick jeans. They fit oh so just right and I can tuck them into boots, cuff them, or wear them as they are. These jeans can make an outfit dressy or relaxed. I love that I always look put together in them and they don't stretch throughout the day. I hate having to pull up my jeans after sitting in a 3+ hour lecture.

2. My Lilly planner. This is the first year I've had a Lilly planner and can I just say that I love it! There are so many fun stickers and illustrations throughout it that my day is instantly brighter. Without my planner I'd be a wreck. I love seeing everything laid out, so the month and week view help me think straight.

3. My eos lip balm in summer fruit. I first tried out eos last spring because I loved the egg shape for Easter. ha! Lo and behold my favorite chap stick. I refuse to use anything else. Burt's bees makes my lips more chapped, weird I know, and soft lips doesn't last quite as long. 

4. My "this is the year to" Kate Spade bangle. This was a Christmas gift from my man, and oh la la I love to wear it. Not a day goes by that someone asks me about it, plus my man loves when I get to show off my gifts from him, so cute ;-)

5. Last, my Lands end monogrammed tote. ( The monogram in the picture is not mine) I have mine in navy as shown but with a crisp hot pink monogram. I carry this thing everywhere! To work, to class, and on overnight trips. It holds all that I need. My planner, lip balm, hand sanitizers, pens, literally everything goes in this! I got this as a birthday gift this past summer and I'm thinking a new one will be needed to add to the collection ;)

Make sure you hop on over and check out Rachel's blog. There are so many lovely ladies linking up . 

P.S. A post to come on my man's #birthdayweekend extravaganza!

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