Saturday, July 9, 2011


It is well known that I have an addiction to nutella. And also well known I can't go a week without some fro-yo. Since we got a Menchies in the next town over I have been a weekly visitor, my roommate (who also lives in another town) & I are constantly running into each other there because we are such addicts. Anyways, the beau understands my need for fro-yo and took me out for some the other night. It also helped that since it is my birthday month I got a FREE cup of fro-yo. Hooray!!! And lo and behold there was a new flavor, choco-nella. Yes chocolate hazelnut, NUTELLA!! I couldn't be more happier. So I mixed into my usual concoction, cake batter, milk chocolate, and now choco-nella. Topped with brownies, cheesecake, cookie dough, and whipped cream. nom nom nom. Best mixing yet! The german chocolate cake batter was my previous love, but move over cause choco-nella is here!!!

Have you tried out this new flavor? Whats your favorite fro-yo flavors??

P.S. I was cloud gazing on break the other day and came across Dumbo. Do you see it?!

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