Friday, April 1, 2011

Playing Hooky

Today I decided I needed to play hooky, April fools was enough reason for me. I started off my morning with some shopping. Today is one of my dear friend's birthday, and then I have another in two weeks. So today I headed out to purchase the gifts I had in mind for them. Well lets just say it was a Lilly morning for me.

Finally scored me the koozie I've been lusting after, but has been sold out everywhere! Thankfully my mall got a shipment in.

Heres my koozie, and the tumbler is one of the birthday presents. Hope she doesn't read this ;) And then I scored this adorable skirt at a local consignment store for only  $20! I was so excited. Then it was time for work. Well since my boy was in the next town doing some outlet shopping I got a lovely girl to switch shifts with me so I could leave early. And off I went for the day to play. We met up and did some outlet shopping and then had dinner with his family.  After dinner it was some yummy white hot chocolates from Starbucks and off to a campground some friends were staying out. It was such a great day. Although I feel terrible about missing my friend's birthday dinner,sometimes having me time and playing hooky is okay. My mom has been trying to teach me that having spontaneous fun is good for you. Mama knows best! Hope everyone's April 1st went well and no one got too tricked!!


  1. Ooo I love that koozie! The pattern is too cute!! I had a post not too long ago on my two lilly koozies: Here!

    I'm so glad you had a fun April Fools Day!!!!

  2. You're so sweet! I'm glad I'm back too, just to hear from all of y'all! :)