Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! With this beautiful weather we have been having I couldn't help but enjoy myself. I traveled home thursday evening after my last class at 8. Yes 8! Campus was a ghost town and every dining hall was shut, needless to say when I arrived home I was starving! Thank goodness my parents left food out for me. Friday I spent the day shopping in Blowing Rock, NC at the outlets. I haven't done any serious shopping in over a year, so this was much needed. And lets just say I'm all set for this coming summer. I also snatched my first boxes of Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers. I was so excited. I can't wait to eat them next week during finals. They are being deem my "finals snack". Cause you just to know eating from a cute little box makes studying 10x better. On Saturday I had brunch with the beau. Mom has recently purchased a waffle maker so we tried that out. Then packed ourselves a little picnic and headed for the lake. We spent the afternoon just walking around and snapping some pictures, I'll post those later. And ended the evening with an ice cream social with another couple. The girl is one of my roommates next year, and her boo has become a great friend this year. Today was amazing in itself. The morning began with of course, waffles and Easter baskets. The bunny left me some yummy chocolates and a starbucks card. Then off to church I went. It was so fun to be wearing my Lilly shift dress, my first ever. And the beau went all out and wore a three-piece suit. He was looking pretty swanky himself. After church we headed to my parents for some picture taking, and lunch. Mom out did herself this year. I love homecooked food and it was delicious! After lunch we hunted eggs. So much fun considering our ages. I of course brought my game face and won the first round, but tied with the beau the second. Tonight we attended our church's play production. The beau did a wonderful job narrating, and after back to the parents house for dinner and a game of Sorry! I haven't had that much fun playing Sorry in such a long time. It was so good to just hang out with my parents, they really are the best people I know. Well, here is to another great week ahead of us.

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