Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers

April showers are fully upon us here in Big Orange country. Yesterday evening we had a terrible storm. As I watched from my dorm room I thought I was in the middle of a tornado it was so awful. Luckily just some power outages, and tree damage was  all we had. I'm so thankful I was inside. Only 3o minutes earlier I had been driving about town, on my way to the car wash of all places. But I was soon fed up with the 5 0' clock traffic and turned around. And its a good thing I did!

I arrived back to school around noon yesterday. And I know I said it before, but wow this weekend was incredible. I'm so excited that this school year is almost finished. I have just a few classes to attend this week, a paper, and two finals. I will be on my merry way home come next Friday! Eeek! Can't wait for summer. Well as promised here are some of our photos from the weekend. Enjoy!

Out at the lake

The beau and his sweet grandfather

Egg hunting

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