Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All swirly twirly

Hello lovelies!!

These past few days have been wonderful. This past weekend I went on a leadership retreat with my church. I am now in charge of Hospitality. How appropriate for a southern girl like me?! haha. I love it! And can you believe school is almost done?!Wow. I finish classes up next thursday. So excited! As of lately I've been churning out one paper after a presentation. Not too much hard work, just time consuming. But this will all be worth it in two short weeks. I will soon be poolside sipping on some good ole' sweet tea with my bestest friend. Who recently got the cutest white golden retriever puppy named Romeo. We are determined to speak to it in only Shakespeare.haha! This week feels like its already wrapping up to me. I'm leaving thursday for home to spend Easter with my family. Some shopping will be done as will a large cookout and Easter egg hunting. I'm looking forward to this weekend and seeing the beau.  Now to get back to this silly paper so I can play outside. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly!! Just keep pushing, summer is almost here!! =)

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