Friday, October 4, 2013

Hive Five Friday


It's Friday and I'm #happyhappyhappy.

This week was one for the books. So lets catch up, shall we?


Yeah, kinda the coolest thing EVER! I'm so excited for her. We may have been talking about this day since we became friends back in 2010. I love her & her now fiance to the moon and back. God has really done something special there. 

{2} I'm finally staring to get a handle on this crazy busy life of mine. Shew, only took two months into the school year but I'm making it work. Something about a good ole list just helps sort everything out.

{3} Pumpkin White Chocolate Iced Coffee.
Oh boy, Dunkin gets it people.  A medium deliciously flavored iced coffee for only 170 calories?! 
Starbucks, why is your small PSL 300+  calories?! Get. It. Together. 
But seriously, go try this coffee, today.

{4} Puppy Zone
This sweet sweet boy treated my roommate and I to a visit at puppy zone last night. In his super swanky brand spankin new camaro. Definitely a highlight of the week. May or may not have been counting down our visit all week long. We got to spend some time cuddling with cute little pups, play with them, and then enjoy some awesome tunes while cruising around town. 
Yep, solid night if you ask me. 

O.M.G Tonight is our annual square dance and I can't wait. So much plaid, boots, and pumpkins. Who knew square dancing was so much fun. I'll have to post pictures later.

So glad we got to catch up friends. I'm off to enjoy my iced coffee and #hustle through work today so I can enjoy not only the square dance to night, but my besties engagement party too!! Eep!

Happy weekend!

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