Monday, November 12, 2012

November Goals

November is upon us, and Thanksgiving is just days away! How time is flying by so fast this semester. I love setting up small manageable goals and I'm ready for the month of November. Lets see how I did for the month of October.
1. Contact RD at Children's Hospital
This unfolded so splendidly. When I had the intention of personally writing the RD myself, I actually networked and made a contact who formerly worked at Children's Hospital. This kind soul put in a reference for me, and I have now submitted my volunteer application to rock sweet NICU babies for the spring semester.
2. Contact a professor in research.
I submitted my application and resume to work in one of my favorite professors labs and will be starting research in January. I also get course credit for doing research so I'm really excited.
3. Finish Harry Potter #1.
Fail. I never even touched the book, except to put my ipad on top of it. Oops! Life is rolling too fast for reading, and honestly I'm not missing it that much. I enjoy filling my time reading other blogs, and informational posts than reading a book. Maybe over Christmas I'll pick up some books.
4. Do my daily devotional.
I started off so well, but then we go to the end of the study, and I missed weeks. Yeah, weeks. Oops!! But as of today I'm back on track. I've started getting my devotional sent to my email daily so I see it, and read it every morning.
5. Go to a pumpkin patch.
Fail. As time has it I never managed to go. With friends not having any interest (boo on you friends) I didn't want to go alone. I even failed at decorating my own pumpkin. Oh well, there's always next year!
Now for the month of November.
1. Daily Devotional.
2. Workout at least once a week.
{Starting small here}
3. Check three more people off my Christmas list.
4. Pray more often for friends, family, & our nation.
5. Make three new recipes.
Cheers to a new month, and celebrating the holidays!!
My tree is going up tonight, since I have limited time at school to enjoy it. 

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