Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday Funday

Its almost hump day everyone, the weekend is getting closer!!

To kick off this week we had an all out Monday Funday kinda night. Greg Bates was playing at our local Tin Roof for FREE, so we decided to go check it out, and relax on a Monday night. 
The concert was small and intimate and oh so much fun! I met up with my girl sMb around 930 and we relaxed a bit at her beau's house before heading out. We managed to gather quite a posse, gotta love those roommates, the more the merrier! We had a great time dancing and singing along and I can't wait to Greg Bates returns to Knoxville. If you haven't heard any of his songs go listen to "I did it for the girl" right now!!

Best Monday funday yet!!

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  1. ugh sometimes going out in the middle week is so fun! makes for a bit sleepy rest of the week but keeps things fun!