Friday, November 9, 2012

Girls Weekend Getaway!

Finally, FRIDAY!!

I'm so happy for the weekend.
Although I've done absolutely nothing this pass week. Monday I had a HUGE exam, and well once that was over I've been re-watching The Hills on Netflix every single day. Don't judge, I have to start studying for finals next week. 
Anyways, last weekend my dear friend Jordan, my mother, & myself gallivanted off to Charlotte for a little girls weekend. We left on Saturday bright and early, waaaay before the sun was up. Rising so early demanded an iced coffee and biscuit from Micky Ds before hitting the road. We jammed the whole way with a seriously awesome playlist. Once we arrived we hit the mall. South Park mall in Charlotte has to be one of my absolute favorites. 

one of my new favorites from resort collection

After a day full of shopping we checked in to our hotel, quickly changed, and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, my favorite! 
Then it was time to venture downtown, the whole reason for coming to Charlotte. We were headed to the Hunter Hayes & Carrie Underwood concert! We had so much fun.
It was really great to kick back, relax, and jam out to some great music! 

Lets just say after the concert I had some serious hair envy of Carrie.
On Sunday we took the day pretty easy. We enjoyed our extra hour of sleep before heading out for the day. We spent our morning in the Bass Pro shop, and then hopped over to IKEA. 
I can't leave Ikea without making a few purchases, its impossible.
Sadly we had to head home as I had to study and return back to school. 
Such a perfect weekend away.

Have a great weekend!

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