Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Easter '12
I'm jumping for JOY!!
Because that smiling face is coming home in 26 days.
Now a little bit of background for the #26.
It happens to be my FAVORITE number.
For one, we started dating August 26, 2007.
Yup best day of my life, thus far.
I can NOT wait to see him.
So far its been 2 looooong months since I've seen him.
Last saw that cutie on May 12 ..

before departing to London

so sad.
But when he comes home we will have approx. FIVE glorious days together to fill up 
with summer fun before going separately (le sigh) back to our schools.
But meanwhile I'm becoming so stinkin' excited to see him!!
last summers July 4

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  1. yayyy! that's so exciting! these last 26 days will seem so slow, but keep yourself busy and your sweet boy will be home before you know it! :)