Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clarisonic Mia!

I am finally a proud owner of a Clarisonic Mia. And my face has been changed for the so much better. 
After trying one of my sweet friend's clarisonic back in December I decided I must some day own one of these beauties. 
But alas, I'm a big girl and bills must be paid first. boo. 
But the day has come, and I couldn't be a happier customer.
It was difficult choosing from all the pretty colors, but I finally decided on the turquoise.
I can now say my face has never been smoother or felt so squeaky clean!! 
Also in recent news, its been raining. Like lots of raining, and as a lifeguard that means no work days for moi!
So I've spent a ton of time organizing, labeling, and pinning.
But now that the weekend is close I can pack for my trip this weekend. 
I'll be heading to Charleston, SC for my 21st birthday celebration.
So readers, where should I eat/play/shop??


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