Sunday, December 30, 2012

Moving Forward

A new year is coming upon us soon, and over the past few days I've taken time to reflect over the year 2012. I've also thought about what I would like 2013 to hold. I'm so excited for the new year, nothing better than a clean slate and starting absolutely fresh. Here is what I'm hoping 2013 holds for me

1. More pictures. 
I have totally failed in taking pictures. I wish I had more pictures of friends at events, doing silly things, and just every day life. I took plenty while on vacation, until my camera ya know died in the first two weeks.bummer. But I hardly took any during the fall semester, besides football games. So in 2013 here is to my camera being charge, and taking way more pictures to document all the wonderful things happening in life.

2. Having even more time with my friends. 
In 2012 I definitely spent more time with friends, and I want to continue this. This fall I made such a fun group of friends. We love going out together, and even staying in to play silly board games. There was even that one time I joined a flag football team. haha. This has added so much to my life and I look forward to continuing the good times we have been having. 

3. One beach trip.
Oh boy do I have summer on the brain. I love the heat. So I absolutely must make a beach trip happen this year. Sun, sand, ocean, & friends. Nothing can get any better. 

4. Celebrating.
I do love a good celebration party. And so much is going to be happening in 2013! From pretty much all of my friends graduating, kid you not I'll be attending ALL graduation ceremonies in the spring, to engagements. To birthdays, and friends going on to great great things after graduation. So much celebrating is about to take place next year and I'm so excited.

5. Working hard hard hard to that dream career.
Over the Christmas break I got to shadow pretty much what is close to my dream job. So now I'm motivated more than ever before to work for my dream career. 

2013 is sure to have its own bumps, but I know the ride will sure be worth it! 
So hang on, because I'm ready to make 2013 my year!!

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