Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Recap

Oh boy was 2012 the year of major bumps. So much craziness has happened since January I'm still surprised I'm still standing. Lets look at some major highlights shall we?

January- went to Passion 2012

February- had a fun Valentines party with my friends.

May-June Got to fulfill my dream of studying abroad in London.

July- Taught some of the sweetest babies how to swim.

August- Traveled to Atlanta for the first game of season, and had my first Waffle House experience, and at 2 am no less.

September- played flag football with the most incredible group of friends. Clear eyes, full heart, can't loose.

October- the month full of fun. From being silly at football games, to my first race for the cure, to an internship with some inspiring kids. 

November- went out on a Monday night for the first time ever. And in return got to become chums with Greg Bates.

Can't forget I got to vote for the first time ever too!!

And then came December, when ya know I forgot to take pictures. But the month has been oh so much fun! From a fun work Christmas cruise, to a silly 90s Christmas party, to just going out with friends and getting to know new people. Life is just kicking up for me and I couldn't be in a happier place.

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