Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its OK..Thursday!

So, thought I'd do the little link up this week...

Its ok...That I'm writing a Thursday post with only a little over an hour left in the day

Its ok..that my beau & I use the share screen feature on skype so we can watch a movie rental together..tonight were watching LOL. yes the Miley Cyrus movie. :) (my man is so sweet for renting this for me)

Its ok.. that speaking of my man, he'll be in TEN days!!

Its ok.. I'm sorta ready for fall, only because I love trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Its ok.. that tomorrow is Friday & its payday..REALLY okay with that

And lastly, its ok.. that I'm terrible at making popcorn. I can't always seem to get the majority of kernels to pop without over popping. 

Happy Thursday night readers!!

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