Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kate Spade Flats

Hi y'all!!

Shew what a whirlwind these past weeks have been!! I've been meaning to share, and have finally gotten around to it! I won these darling Kate Spade Elina flats a few weeks ago from Classy Girls Wear Pearls! I was so excited when they were deposited into my mailbox. They came in the most precious wrapping, as all things Kate Spade do!! 

I had the funnest time wearing them while touring a nursing school. I paired the gold flats with a black and gold paisley dress from J. Crew. 

They went so well today and I looked the little sparkle the shoes had to them! Thanks to Classy Girls Wear Pearls for hosting the giveaway!!

Heres a better view of them ;-)

from the KS website

Cheers to you and yours!!


  1. how fabulous are those shoes!!! I love the outfit you put together with them!

  2. those are gorgeous! And I'm sure they're super comfy! I want those tooooo:-(

  3. Gahh I love those shoes! Congrats on being the lucky winner :)


  4. My sister’s birthday is coming and I am thinking to purchase Kate Spade flats for her. I hope these flats will be comfortable for her and she will love my choice I am just crossing my fingers!!