Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer is here!

Well we have finally made it to summer.
Finals are over.
All moved into a new house.
And have made it to the beach.
Yes, these are days I live for, when there is no agenda, but somehow each day is packed.

After I finished up finals I had to immediately pack everything up, and move into a beautiful home with 7 girls. Yes thats a lot, and I absolutely love it!
Not long after moving in, my friends decided a beach trip was a must. So naturally we headed down to Charleston, South Carolina last weekend for some fun in the sun. After work ended early on Friday, thank goodness, we jumped in the car and didn' t stop till we reached the water. Well thats a lie, I can't resist a stop for Bojangles.
The weekend was full of lots of fun and laughter and lots of much needed sunshine. We managed to catch the sunrise one morning, our friend CPL caught a shark, eek yes a shark, and we played lots of bocce ball. I now feel like a champ. 
This was just the weekend I needed. A chance to relax with all my closest friends and enjoy the summer sun. 
I'm looking forward to some lake days,  cookouts, and just having a relaxed fun summer.

blue bell ice cream cones, need i say more

bocce ball

Sunday brunch downtown

Stayed tuned for later in the week I'll be having a guest post from  Emma over at Smileasithappens

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