Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long time no see!!

Hello all!!

I have been one busy bee since I moved back to school. Which moving went pretty well, a few bumps along the way but nothing too bad. The boy was a delight in helping me move in, seriously the biggest sweetheart ever. I spent my first weekend back helping move the freshman in with my church here. And then drove home to spend our final few days together before he left for school. And shew! Knowing you're getting a last hug from someone for at least a month is rough! After three years of me leaving it was so weird for him to be leaving home too, but now worries everything has gone splendidly! Since I have been in school I spent a weekend at the lake with some lovely ladies!

Our view from the lake house
Then classes started, and our church had our 100th celebration on campus! It was so wonderful to come back to our roots.Then I discoverd Genghis Grill last friday. Oh em gee. Ya'll seriously this was amazing. The concept is you have a bowl, you fill it up with as much meat, veggies, spices, and sauces that you want! I had a little bit of everything and tried kalamari for the first time! It was scrumptious and I can't wait till we go back again. I love asian food. nomnomnom

CAA & Me
This past Sunday we had our kickoff for fall community groups. At our church instead of meeting on Sunday evenings, we have little groups we meet with. Some of the college groups meet throughout the week. We believe in living life in cirlces rather than pews, and I love this concept! I'm leading a group with a friend this year, S.N.F (Sunday Night Fellowship). I'm super excited to see where God leads us this school year and the adventures we are going to take. 

Me & some of the ladies who helped make deserts
We had fruit pizzas and cookie cake prepared our community group kickoff. And now coming into full speed, today I volunteered with the University at the Salvation Army. We orignially had planned on sorting through clothing for women, but plans change and we are flexible! Instead, we mulched a garden. The Salvation Army is using its variety of volunteers from autistic adults to college students to build a sustainble garden. It was so powerful to see people from all different backgrounds working together to build something to better the community. I absolutely loved taking in all of God's beauty and can't wait to do it again, and super soon I hope!!

How is everyone now that school is back in full force??

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  1. You are so sweet! Doesn't it feel amazing to help others! Nursing school is super busy. I am having a little problem trying to keep up with blogging and reading. It's craziness! Have a great week! xoxo