Saturday, June 18, 2011


I don't know why but after I've had a massive cup of coffee I always feel jazzed to write, so I'm sorry if this goes all over the place.haha.

Yesterday the beau, his family and I attended his orientation at Liberty University where he will be attending this fall, GO FLAMES!! I'm beyond excited for him. This is such an awesome school and beyond perfect for him. It's exactly the place I would have imagined him attending. Now I know me being at UT and him in far away Lynchburg is slightly scary, but this is going to be an awesome experience for us. We've been doing long distance for two years of our four year relationship so I'm not worried at all. I love this boy with my whole heart, and God hasn't steered me wrong in doing so. Because we've kept the Lord the focus in our relationship we've been blessed infinitely. 
Now for those who have never heard of Lynchburg or Liberty, its in Virginia. And this is the largest christian school in the world. Not only do they have an impressive campus, so much grass, but the faculty is incredibly supportive. Lynchburg is quite the small town, and definitely quaint. I love it there, but don't get me wrong, I still love Knoxville.  I just know God has something powerful and impacting in store for this fall semester and I'm giddy with excitement.  So let me give you a run down of our day yesterday (told you this was going to go all over the place)

  • 3 am wake up call..eeeep
  • 4:40 we hit the road
  • 7:30 breakfast in Lynchburg
  • 8:00 Welcomed and checked out the info booths.
  • 10:00 they split the parents and students up. the beau's mom insisted I go with him, it was fun playing a freshman, because I wasn't nervous so it was easy for me to talk to the students knowing I'll never see them again most likely
  • 12:00 pm LUNCH TIME. I was more than excited for lunch. so hungry. and the cafeteria wasn't bad.
  • 1:00 we did the whole registration for classes, housing, financial aid, and all that jazz.
  • 3:00 the beau and I ventured off to his housing and the bookstore while the parents did some more info session to put their worries at ease
  • 5:00 refreshments at the football stadium in their club suites. Super nice and will prolly never be there again haha.

  • 5:30 we drove up to the ski lodge the school has, yes they have their own ski slopes right beside my beaus apartment! plus this awesome monogram thing on the mountain.

  • 6:00 dinner at Macados
  • 7:30 back on the road to home
Such a wonderful day with his family. They are so much fun and I'm so blessed they consider me part of them. And I can't wait to visit in the fall and winter. This girl has got to learn how to ski!

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  1. hi hi! i couldn't find your email or twitter but thanks for the comment on my blog! i love yours too- so cute!

    ok soooo for how early you should get to a race, it definitely depends! since it's your first i'd always go with leaving extra time! you can really never get there too early :) i usually shoot for a half hour before start time, but i have a routine down pat! does that help? GOOD LUCK!!!! report back to me please! xoxo