Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peace and Joy

Hello Lovelies!!
Hope everyone is having a spectacular spring thus far! Although here in Tennessee we took a turn for the cold, brrr, I'm hoping for warm weather soon. Going along with the Kate Spade campaign of the year I'm trying my absolute best every day to #livecolorfully. And to me that means being in constant pursuit of joy in all things. In the past two weeks my life has taken a turn due to some events. Not only has giving more of my life to Jesus been fabulous, but I'm finding more joy and peace within myself than I have ever experienced. Its so weird to explain,but the not the slightest thing can bring me down. Everything that seemed like such a big deal before is now nothing. I'm trying to stress less, although anatomy class is a whole other story. And by working on myself, I'm trying to spread the joy around. So readers, I hope this week you live colorfully and joyfully. Don't the small stuff sweat you. In all reality, what happens today won't affect tomorrow by much. Here comes a beautiful morning. :)

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