Sunday, February 13, 2011

Because there's a lot going on in there..

Sooo, got a lot on my mind tonight. First of, lets say the beginning of this week was rough. Not school wise really, which kind of frustrates when people try to compare their life to mine. No, your not having empathy right now, your talking yourself up. K. Alright thats off my chest. My week was rough A) a family member went missing last week, which is hard when it actually happens to you. B) My brother was in the ER on monday. So yes, that was a little emotionally rough.

But lemme just say God is good. I might have had an anatomy exam that was really tough, but the Lord blessed me with a weekend that was so good. And He has surrounded me with people that are lifting me up. If you haven't I would recommend cutting out those who pull you down. Also, set some weekly attainable goals for yourself. Like me, I have a heart for the church, and my ministry is within the church. So this week I have set one goal that can be easily attainable. Now on my part its just setting 15 minutes aside and actually following through.

I hope everyone is going to have a great Valentines Day and enjoys themselves. And if you didn't know, Jesus loves you. He loves you unconditionally.


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  1. keep your head up girl :) everything will turn out ok. love your blog! super cute! xxo