Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trader Joes

Hello friends!

Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather the south is currently experiencing! 
I know I did today. I started off my morning with bootcamp and my YMCA, and oh man they weren't playing around. We did some running around downtown with our weights before hitting some stairs, think Rocky. And then finished in the park with abs and a little stretching before heading back to the Y. It was such a beautiful perfect morning and I'm so glad I spend it with a fun group of people.
Anyways, on to my afternoon and the title of this blog post. :)
I stepped into our Trader Joes for really for the first time this afternoon to do some light shopping, and fell in love. Literally. The staff was so incredibly sweet! Not to mention how inexpensive the really healthy food was! I love treating my body with respect & feeding it proper foods, I am a nutrition major after all, so when I can get organic food thats not breaking the bank I'm a happy customer. 
The rest of my afternoon as been spent walking in the park and getting some blogging done for the university. Hope everyone is having a wonderful afternoon!

Happy St. Patricks Day!