Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update via London

Hello! Well I made it across the pond safe and sound! I've been here a week and am just enjoying myself. My group is just lovely and so much fun. Weve explored several spots, from Westminster (yes I stood where Kate did) to a behind the scenes tour at the natural history museum. There I saw a 40 foot giant squid and some of Charles Darwins original findings from 1800. It was pretty cool! This weekend we spent some time in the outdoor markets. Today was Camden and Portebello. I loooved Portebello. Such fun quirky shops. Tonight we went to a pub to watch the Chelsea game. I love how into football everyone here is! This week we also went to Cambridge. It was here that we experience the extremes of English weather. Literally my dear friends, it went from sunshine to hailing in lightening speed. The city itself was very quaint, with plenty of colleges to check out. We toured the inside of King's College chapel, which was magnificent with all the stained glass. This week is a little bit more slow paced. So hopefully more shops, and another adventure to Harrods! Cheers!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The time has FINALLY arrived. My bags are all mostly packed, and I'm all set to jet across the ocean. I will be studying the history of psychology and visiting several famous sites while abroad. Including a day trip to Darwin's house, Cambridge, and several museums around London. Next weekend I'll be taking a train to Paris!! Eeeep!! I couldn't be more excited. I hope to update some while away, but if not there will be full recaps when I return, no worries!!
And now I must leave you with some of my favorite images from my Pinterest boards.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cue the confetti!!

I. Am. Done. 

Praise the sweet sweet Lord I have finished all six of my finals!! Yes, finals lasted 6 days = I had a final every stinkin single day. Torture I tell you. But as of 9 am this morning, I handed in my last final & I'm done. Good thing my study abroad class starts tomorrow. ha! But for the rest of the day I will not have to think about school.  Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! I'm going to curl up with the newest Matchbook Mag & download some books for next week.

oh, did I forget to mention I'll be in London on Sunday?! Ah! And next weekend its Paris!!